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Conlan Dufresne Brings His Commercial and Residential Real Estate Expertise to B. F. Saul Insurance

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Clients across the commercial and residential property markets rely on the advisors at B. F. Saul Insurance to ensure their projects and properties are sufficiently covered against risk. We're pleased to announce we've added another property advisor to our growing team!

Conlan Dufresne has joined B. F. Saul Insurance as our newest producer, responsible for cultivating new business opportunities, building relationships with our valued clients, and ensuring we deliver the best possible service. A licensed REALTOR®, Conlan will leverage his extensive experience in the commercial and residential real estate industry to help us continually grow this segment of the business and ensure we're meeting our clients' needs and helping them achieve their goals.

"I've worked in both a sales and property management capacity on commercial and residential properties, and that's afforded me a strong understanding of this market and the risks that clients in this industry face," Conlan says. "I'm eager to apply my knowledge and experience to help B. F. Saul meet the needs of clients that are looking for the best solutions for protecting their properties."

Conlan most recently served as a real estate agent with RLAH Real Estate in Chevy Chase, Maryland, managing multi-million-dollar transactions and developing contractual strategies designed to maximize clients' investments. He previously served as a property manager and realtor with Goldberg Group Property Management, expertly handling a large portfolio of residential and commercial properties, and in business development roles with commercial real estate investment sales firm Greysteel, where he established relationships related to the buying and selling of commercial properties.

Conlan holds a B.S. from the School of Education at The Ohio State University, with a sports industry major and business management minor. He and his family reside in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Please join us in welcoming Conlan to the B. F. Saul Insurance team!

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