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Management & Professional Liability

In today’s increasingly litigious environment, organizations and their boards and management teams are at greater risk of a liability lawsuit.

The risks can take many forms—from employment-related compliance problems, to government investigations into events that involve your corporate reputation, to the challenges of protecting data from cybersecurity attacks and breaches. Moreover, given the skyrocketing compensatory awards, just one incident can prove financially devastating.

B. F. Saul Insurance helps anticipate and advise the management and professional liability risks on behalf of your organization, your board of directors, and your executive team.

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Crime / ERISA Board

Crime / ERISA Board Insurance

Commercial crime insurance protects your business from losses resulting from a wide range of business-related crimes, including acts committed by employees and non-employees.

Cyber & Privacy Liability

Cyber & Privacy Liability

The increasing threat of data breaches, electronic theft and vandalism, denial of service attacks, and copyright infringement make it more challenging than ever for your business to protect sensitive data.

Directors & Officers Liability

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Directors & officers (D&O) liability insurance provides the protection your organization’s leaders need to feel confident carrying out their regulatory and governance responsibilities.

Employment Practices Liability

Employment Practices Liability

The right employment practices liability (EPL) insurance policy can protect your organization against a wide range of employment-related allegations.

Fiduciary Liability

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The right fiduciary liability insurance protects trustees, employers, plan fiduciaries, professional administrators, and the plan itself, mitigating the risk of legal fees or sizable settlements.

Kidnap, Ransom, & Extortion

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A kidnap, ransom, and extortion insurance policy can protect your business and employees against a wide range of hostile incident exposures globally.

Professional Liability / E&O

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Professional liability/errors and omissions liability insurance protects your business if an employee is accused of making errors in their work. It’s especially vital for professional services firms that regularly provide clients with advice or counsel.

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