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Personal Insurance

For successful individuals with high net worth, properly insuring against perils and liabilities requires more than a few minutes filling out an online form.

Successful families and individuals face unique risks that traditional insurance solutions aren’t always equipped to cover. You’re likely to live longer, engage in a more active lifestyle, and amass a large portfolio of assets. You might own property in high-risk coastal areas or collect high-value items like cars, fine art, or wine. The higher your net worth and the more active your life, the greater your risk.

Protecting what you value takes more than just a few minutes filling out an online form. You need personalized advice, customized solutions, and a trusted advocate in the event of a loss.

That’s why successful families and individuals turn to B. F. Saul Insurance. We understand your specialized insurance needs, and we’re experienced in helping people like you protect your valued assets with the right customized insurance.

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An all electric Tesla

Comprehensive auto coverage is a cornerstone of your personal insurance policies, whether you own a traditional vehicle, motorcycle, motorhome, and/or all-terrain vehicle.

Cyber Liability

Cyber Liability

With the right cyber liability insurance solution in place, you can reduce your exposure to this increasingly prevalent risk.

Domestic Staff

Smiling beautiful caregiver and disabled old lady with walker

Proper domestic staff insurance coverage transfers the financial risk of hiring domestic employees, reducing your exposure.

Excess Liability / Personal Umbrella

Serious middle aged executive manager

A personal umbrella liability insurance policy provides robust coverage and high limits that supplement your primary policies, offering you greater protection.

Flood / Excess Flood

Modern living area with wide views of the bay

The right insurance policy will protect your property from damage due to the increasing incidence of floods.

Homes & Rental Properties

Happy black couple standing outside their house

When you buy a secondary or seasonal home, the process and cost of securing the right homeowner’s coverage can be quite different than insuring a primary home. A luxury, custom home has unique insurance needs, too.

Valuable Articles

Valuable Articles

With a customized valuable assets insurance policy, you can be sure your possessions are protected from loss.

Watercraft & Recreational Vehicles

A happy senior couple laughing having fun sailing (1)

The right coverage can protect your valuable watercraft from a wide range of exposures, reducing your financial risk.

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