Commercial Lines

Workers' Compensation

Businesses and other organizations that have employees are responsible for protecting those workers from job-related injuries and illnesses. In most states, almost all businesses that hire employees are required to provide coverage, and not-for-profit organizations sometimes even get coverage for their volunteers.

Workers' Compensation insurance policies both meet statutory requirements and provide solid protection against on-the-job injuries and illness. In addition to standard policies for businesses, we are also able to offer coverage for business owners who are involved in regular operations and not-for-profit organizations that have long-term volunteers.

Key Considerations

  • Injuries resulting from accidents while working
  • Repetitive motion injuries resulting from work-related tasks
  • Illnesses contracted as a direct result of work-related tasks
  • Illnesses caused by environmental factors in the work setting
  • Injuries and illnesses sustained by owners who participate in daily operations
  • Injuries and illnesses sustained during long-term volunteer work
  • Injuries and illness sustained by select long-term subcontractors