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Every industry faces unique risks. You need an insurance advisor with the industry-specific knowledge and experience to help you tackle them.

The B. F. Saul Insurance team brings deep experience in industries like the following, enabling us to provide an unrivaled level of service to companies in these sectors.


Government Contracting

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Doing business with the US federal, state, or local government presents unique legal, administrative, and regulatory risks. Yet, your insurance protections may not be as broad as you think.

Nonprofits & Associations

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Doing philanthropic work or providing much-needed social services is worthwhile and admirable, but it doesn’t shield your organization from risk.

Professional Services

Portrait of senior businessman using tablet

Your professional services firm faces unique risks simply because of the nature of your work.

Real Estate

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As a real estate owner, operator, manager, or developer, you face a host of challenges—including societal shifts, climate change impacts, technology risks, and the long-term effects of the pandemic.

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