Commercial Lines

General Liability

Most businesses and not-for-profit organizations are exposed to a range of common risks. These broad risks include common accidents involving third parties and/or their property, as well as defamation and false advertising lawsuits. Such incidents might affect almost any business, and those that have substantial assets are sometimes especially likely targets for resulting lawsuits.

General liability insurance affords solid protection against broad risks like these. Adaptable for particular situations, the policies provide foundational protections while letting organizations customize optional coverages to meet their particular risk mitigation needs.

Key Considerations

  • Slip-and-fall accidents involving third parties on company property
  • Other common accidents involving third parties on company property
  • Certain company-caused accidents resulting in damage to third parties’ property
  • Defamation lawsuits, including both slander and libel lawsuits
  • False advertising lawsuits, including class-action false advertising suits
  • Select product liability lawsuits arising from product-caused injuries and damage