Financial Lines

Cyber/Privacy Liability

In today’s data and technology-driven world, almost every business, not-for-profit group and organization faces online threats. Any business that handles sensitive digital information could suffer from a data breach, hacking attempt, ransomware attack or other privacy threat.

Cyber/Privacy liability insurance solutions provide robust expense reimbursement, contractual liability and regulatory protections against the ever-increasing threats that come with conducting business online. Policies include coverage for both malicious attacks and non-criminal privacy breaches.

We offer pre-claim preparation, claims coordination and qualitative and quantitative tools to evaluate limit adequacy. Solutions are supported by extensive loss mitigation and incident response services. We partner with a panel of specialists in the legal, computer forensic, notification, call center, public relations, fraud consultation, credit monitoring and identity restoration service areas.

Key Considerations

  • Malicious attempts to hack networks, websites and databases
  • Ransomware attacks that lock essential files until payment is made
  • Phishing attempts that seek data through misrepresentation
  • Data breaches resulting from employee or system error
  • Defamation lawsuits filed over statements published online