B.F. Saul Insurance

A Tradition of Excellence.

Our backstory is an American success story - starting with John Saul’s arrival in the U.S. in 1851.

He was an acclaimed horticulturist and landscape architect who assisted in the planning and the development of the National Mall in Washington D.C. and served as the first chairman of Washington D.C.’s parks commission. He published several catalogs offering fruits, evergreens, ornamental trees, shrubs, roses and greenhouse plants. His insight was invaluable.

After selling the nurseries, his son founded a banking and real estate business in the late 19th century with the vision to start B.F. Saul Insurance. He was focused on providing exceptional service and doing it the right way based on excellence, ethics, and results.

We keep that tradition alive today.

About the Pear

You might ask us: “Why the pear?”

The pear has been revered as a symbol of prosperity for thousands of years. For B.F. Saul Insurance the pear symbolizes our past, and our future. In fact, our logo includes a 19th century drawing of a Bartlett pear from one of John Saul's descriptive catalog of fruits.

Thinking back to John Saul's arrival in the US, he was planner, a teacher - he liked to grow things. He challenged assumptions and brought new insights. 

We are in the business of protecting prosperity.

Our role is to provide unique and valuable perspectives on the insurance market. Help you navigate alternatives. Provide ongoing advice and help you to avoid potential pitfalls. Educate you on new issues and outcomes. Challenge you to think differently about your business.

B.F. Saul Insurance Pear