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BFSI Welcomes Brandon Newlands to Lead Claims Advocacy Practice

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B.F. Saul Insurance (BFSI), a Bethesda, MD based regional insurance brokerage and risk advisory firm, announced the addition of Brandon Newlands 

Brandon Newlands HeadshotBrandon Newlands - Vice President, Claims Advocate. He joined the firm on May 28, 2019.

Brandon Newlands joined the firm to lead our Claims Advocacy practice and is responsible for supporting clients in the event of a claim or complex coverage issue, and opining on current litigation and regulatory trends impacting our clients. In addition to developing a claims reporting protocol, he will be communicating with clients regarding their claims-related expectations and obligations (e.g., choice of counsel and panel counsel requirements, insurer reservation of rights‚Äô letters, reimbursement rates, and settlement discussions).

He has 18 years of litigation experience handling a diverse range of legal and insurance related matters on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants. He was most recently with Charlson, Bredehoft, Cohen and Brown, LLP, based in Reston. He holds a BA, Government and Politics from the University of Maryland, College Park and JD, Business and International Law from the University of Baltimore School of Law.

Brandon and his wife Julie, live in Chevy Chase (DC) and both enjoy rooting for the Nats and Terps as well as long hikes with their rescue dog, Petey.


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