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B.F. Saul Networking Event a Great Success

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Our personal lines team, in collaboration with Chubb Insurance, hosted a joint networking event on Wednesday July 17th at Cesco Osteria in downtown Bethesda. Attendees included B.F. Saul team members, partners of our agency from across many professions and industries, and representatives from Chubb.

As everyone mingled, delicious wine and food provided by Cesco was passed around. Those who were interested also had professional photos taken by our photographer, Devona Jefferson. Devona set up shop in the corner of the cozy room for the headshots which served as an added bonus to those who braved the summer weather to attend.

Turnout was high and because of the enthusiasm and positive feedback we received, we can say the event was a great success. We look forward to future opportunities to gather folks together and offer thanks to our valued supporters.

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