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Dejah Knox

Dejah Knox

Marketing Manager



Dejah Knox is a talented marketing professional with a passion for creative problem-solving and a knack for adapting to diverse environments. As B. F. Saul Insurance’s Marketing Manager, she specializes in digital marketing, project coordination and management, content marketing, and design.

Dejah attended Loyola University in New Orleans, where she pursued a bachelor’s degree in mass communication with a focus on strategic public relations. During her time at Loyola, she worked on projects with major brands like Cane's, VUDU Music Festival, the annual New Orleans Fried Chicken Festival, and Blue Bell Ice Cream, among others. These experiences honed her skills and deepened her understanding of effective communication strategies.

Dejah thrives in fast-paced work environments where no day is the same. She approaches her work with a gamified mindset, making it enjoyable and stimulating. Throughout her career, she has learned that failure is an integral part of professional growth. Embracing failure and learning from it has been a valuable lesson, allowing her to continually improve and push boundaries. She measures success by cause and effect – if the cause of her work produces a favorable effect, she considers it a success.

Being an insurance marketing professional is both fun and challenging for Dejah. It allows her to exercise her creativity while also continuously learning about the insurance and finance industry. Each day presents new opportunities to expand her knowledge and vocabulary, adding to her expertise.

Dejah was born and raised in Southern Maryland. Outside of work, she enjoys gaming, watching horror movies, and spending quality time with her family and friends.


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