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Lee Marshall

Lee Marshall

Vice President, Operations



Lee Marshall is an accomplished insurance professional with a diverse background and a passion for operations. Her expertise encompasses property casualty claims, business process outsourcing, insurance program management, and agency operations. Her key responsibilities as B. F. Saul Insurance’s VP of Operations include program management, finance, and marketing.

Although holding a BS in Education from Salisbury University, Lee pursued a career in the insurance industry early on. The first half of her career was dedicated to claims, where she worked for Travelers Insurance and Electronic Data Systems (EDS). This experience provided her with a solid foundation and understanding of the intricacies of insurance and the claims process. Later, she transitioned into business operations and joined the B. F. Saul Insurance team.  

What Lee enjoys most about her work is the breadth of responsibilities and involvement that comes with operations. She thrives in a dynamic environment where she can contribute to various aspects of the business and make a meaningful impact. Interacting with her team is a highlight for Lee, and she appreciates the strong camaraderie, hard work ethic, celebration of successes, and shared sense of fun at B. F. Saul Insurance.  

Throughout her career, Lee has learned valuable lessons by fully embracing new challenges. With a supportive team by her side, Lee has found that taking calculated risks and stretching beyond her comfort zone can lead to success.  She measures that success in incremental, day-to-day, wins and accomplishments. 

Lee recognizes that innovations in technology are reshaping the insurance industry, particularly in how companies assess risk. She stays informed about market trends and technological advancements to better understand their impact on clients and ensure their needs are met. Outside of work, Lee enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends.


You have complex needs. The advisors at B. F. Saul Insurance have the experience and passion to ensure you're covered.

With a history that spans over 100 years, we help businesses and non-profits as well as families and individuals with complex needs protect their most important assets at levels customized for their risk tolerances and goals.

Smart, data-driven decisions and superior customer experiences are always a given, whether you need an advisor for a new insurance program or a claims advocate who can make the process seamless.

What truly sets us apart are the frequent conversations, trusted relationships, and genuine care for our clients. Insurance is our business, and we take it personally.