Cyber criminals, for the purposes of extortion, can threaten to shut down computer systems or erase data, infect a company with a virus, publish private information or personally identifiable information on customers or employees, institute a denial-of-service attack or take over social media accounts.

Businesses can take the following 11 steps to help protect against cyber extortion:

1. Know your data

2. Create file back-ups, data back-ups and back-up bandwidth capabilities

3. Train employees to recognize spear phishing

4. Do background checks on employees

5. Limit administrative capabilities for systems and social footprint

6. Ensure systems have appropriate firewall and antivirus technology

7. Have data breach prevention tools, including detection

8. Update security software patches in a timely manner

9. Include DDoS security capabilities

10. Put a plan in place to manage a data breach

11. Protect your business with insurance coverage designed to address cyber risks

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